Kingdom of Sorrow (blue w/ black splatter vinyl)

Задължително за всички фенове на Hatebreed и Crowbar. Слушах това, като фен на hatebreed и Kirk Windstein и сериозно 36 секунди в него купих. Много ми напомня на When the Kite String Pops на Acid Bath. На моменти е мрачна, на моменти е трасирана, на моменти е идиотска, а като цяло направо рита дупето.


Hear this Prayer for Her

Lead Into Demise

Screaming into the Sky

Track listing

A1 Hear This Prayer for Her

A2 Grieve a Lifetime

A3 Piece It All Back Together

A4 Lead Into Demise

A5 Demon Eyes (Demonized)

A6 With Unspoken Words

B1 Free the Fallen

B2 Screaming Into the Sky

B3 Lead the Ghosts Astray

B4 Begging for the Truth

B5 Buried in Black


Jamey Jasta vocals, producer, writer

Kirk Windstein guitar, vocals, writer

Steve Gibb guitar

Derek Kerswill drums

Zeuss producer, engineer, mixer, guitar

Rob Gil engineer

Greg Thomas assistant engineer

David „Puma Boy“ Troia additional engineer

Alan Douches mastering engineer

Erich Sayers design

Meran Karanitant design, layout

Jeremy Saffer photography